Otto's Meat Value Packs


Do more with less with our great range of meat packs from Otto's Meat Market. Choose from the following range, and we will prepare your packs for easy collection. All meat will be supplied raw and ready to cook.

Otto's BBQ Pack: $80
• 1kg BBQ sausages
• 1kg flavoured sausages
• 6 x beef kebabs
• 1kg BBQ lamb chops
• 1kg BBQ steak
• 1kg rissoles

Otto's Aussie Brekky Pack: $60
• 1kg bacon
• 1kg BBQ sausages
• 1kg minute steak
• 150g Halloumi cheese
• 1 dozen eggs

Otto's Low n Slow Pack: $90
• 1kg bratwurst sausages
• 3kg beef brisket
• 4 pack beef short ribs
• Stubbs BBQ Sauce

Otto's Camping Pack: $60
• 1kg bacon
• 1kg BBQ steak
• 6 x beef kebabs
• 1kg BBQ sausages
• 1kg rissoles

Otto's Gourmet Sausage Pack: $70
• 5 x 1kg variety of Otto's flavoured sausages (Butcher's choice).


Please note: 48 hours notice for online ordering is requested. Items, quantities and inclusions subject to availability. Photographs are examples and serving suggestions only.