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Tea Tonic Loose Leaf Tea Range 200g Caddy Tin


Dedicated to providing exceptional quality, using only the best ingredients including freshly picked herbs and fruits, the Tea Tonic range of herbal teas are heralded as Australia's healthiest.

Vegan friendly, gluten free and created with biodiversity in mind, every cup of Tea Tonic tea is pure goodness.

Our flavour range of tea caddy include:
• Berry-Green Tea (a 'berry' different green tea)
• Turmeric, Beetroot & Ginger (recover, repair, restore) 
• English Breakfast (mild, smooth, true to good taste)
• Tea-Party (uplifting, festive)
• Bright Spark (memory, study, brilliant minds)
• Fruity-Tutti (stimulate and invigorate)
• Apple-Tree (a fresh, crisp sensation)
• Well-Being (restore vitality & good health)
• Green Tea (supreme green!)
• Peppermint (fresh & bright)
• Australiana (cool, dry, vast & a whole lot of soul)
• Licorice Lover (nature's nurturing tonic)
• G.L.E.W. (keeps you from coming unstuck!)
• Blue Magic (enhanced beauty)
• Relaxation (calms the mind, body and soul)
• Warm-Spicy (spice & delight)
• Oriental Twist (rejuvenate & revive)
• Throat Soother (singers & performers)
• Traditional Chai (aromatic & warm)
• Coconut (escape & unwind)
• Dark Chocolate & Black (sinfully good for you)
• Coffee Addict (a stamina brew to kick the coffee habit)
• Chamomile (relaxing & soothing)
• Complexon (for beautiful, radiant, glowing skin)
• Earl Grey (timeless classic)
• French Earl Grey (romance, attitude, style)
• White Tea & Rose Petals (delicate & light)
• White Tea (delicate & light)
• Wild Botanical Mint (wildly fresh & floral)
• Winter Warmer (warming winter brew)